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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.No Credit Card Required. Valid For Use In Australia And New Zealand.

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Why E Gift Card?

E Gift Card is an one stop Discount Gift Cards,Cheap Gift Vouchers,Game Cards Deals Online Wholesale Store in New Zealand.E Gift Card offer a huge range of gift cards from leading retailers, all here online and in thousands of stores.

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Daily Use

That means you can buy gift cards whilst you’re doing your everyday shopping and it’s easy to buy gift cards from a huge range of brands.


Ultimate Convenience

E Gift Card is the ultimate in convenience. All of Disount Gift Cards are available in places where Kiwis shop regularly.

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Easy To Send

You can buy gift cards from E Gift Card’s online Store right here and have your gift cards couriered to any location in New Zealand. 

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Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

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I’ve ordered many Gift Cards from E Gift Card online, and no doubt I am very satisfied with their service. I always feel safe and easy to use their website, and their world-class customer service is always there when you need them. It’s like they can read your mind and know exactly what we want!

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Laura Fitzgerald From New Zealand

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The reliability, speed of dispatch and delivery by E Gift Card is the best I have come across in NZ. That’s often why I choose E Gift Card over another Online Gift Cards retailer. Prices of products and delivery are also important factors but the price of E Gift Card is also the best. . Keep up the good work.

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Kevin Walsh From New Zealand

Branch out this Christmas and give gifts that will last a lifetime. Maybe a feijoa tree from Oderings Garden Centre or a iphone 12 from Noel Leeming or splash out with jewellery from Sona Sansaar – the possibilities are endless!

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